Meet the Trent Marquees Team

Find out who’s under the tent.


Tom, Originally from North Lincolnshire, moved to Nottingham in 2006 to study at Nottingham Trent University.

Alongside his academic studies Tom worked for Woods Marquees in Lincolnshire and continued to work for them after graduating, gaining nearly ten years of experience in the industry before setting up with Gaz and Gary.

A keen football fan, Tom is a long suffering fan of Scunthorpe United and can be found travelling the country on Saturdays watching his team.


Gary finished his studies in 2003 at Trent College in Long Eaton along with Gareth. After a brief period of self-employment he received an opportunity to move into Financial Services and enjoyed almost a decade in the industry based in Leeds and London. Gary thoroughly enjoyed the hustle and bustle of life in London but it also inspired a change, to a life with a bit more flexibility, and a lot more outdoors.

Gary moved back to his hometown of Nottingham in 2014 and together with Tom and Gaz, founded Trent Marquees.

In his free time Gary enjoys camping, dog walking (or shouting at a dog whilst it completely ignores you – depending on how you look at it!) and avoiding rush hour.


Gareth left school and went to Manchester metropolitan university to study business management. Upon leaving university he tried a variety of different jobs, one that he particularly enjoyed was Landscape Gardening and in 2008 after a few years in the trade he set up ‘Maber Landscapes’ who specialise in commercial landscape maintenance.

Gareth lives in Sawley with his girlfriend Helen and young German Shepherd, Bruce.

When Gareth is not working he can usually be found on the golf course at Beeston Fields or by the side of a local pond dangling his rod in the water!